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Yoga Instruction

With Jeramie Vaine

What started as a replacement to high octane adrenaline experiences. Blossomed into an avenue to share a passion.


Teaching yoga, has consisted of a few different disciplines. In a not so traditional form of floating on the water, called Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga. And the the land and studio based version of yoga. 

The students are always my focus and priority. As a not so typical yoga instructor, I keep my classes playful, friendly and with a bit of challenge. I ask the students to face their fears, head on. Where they leave the classes feeling inspired. And me inspired and hopeful this feeling will overflow into their daily lives, off the water and yoga mat.

Teaching is my passion. And I enjoy traveling to other studios, both on and off the water. If you would like to host me, please schedule a call and discuss how to make it a reality. 

If you are a business owner with questions on stand up paddleboard yoga, floating studio set ups, class structure or other outside the box approaches to the stand up paddleboard industry, set up a free strategy call with me. I am confident I will inspire you to implement a new passion to your offerings. 


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