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My name is Jeramie Vaine, and I’m passionate about helping you tap into your personal power through watersports. I teach Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) around the world, and love sharing it outside of the floating classroom on social media and my blog as well. Connect with me @jvaine1.

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Stand Up Paddle Board


Just as I have friends to thank for bringing SUP into my life, I also owe my yoga practice to good advice from my crew. My friend Chelsie Savage brought me to my first class, taught by Tymi Howard. The class was rewarding and more challenging than I’d expected—I left dripping with sweat—but I couldn’t help grinning like a kid. I suddenly understood why yogis always seemed to ooze chill, and realized this was the perfect yin to the yang of my life. Just like with racing, I was hooked. 


(Ready to find your chill? Click here.) 

Think you know yoga? Think again. 


It wasn’t yoga on a mat or in a studio that reeled me in, but in a rougher version—on the water. I was searching for the same sensation of freedom and flying that I’d found in wakeboarding, and I found it in SUP Yoga. 


It started for me with fooling around doing inversions or arm balances with the team at Paddleboard Orlando. A friend brought me to my first yoga class, and I was hooked right away. I’ve now been a yoga student for eight years, and a teacher for five. 


I teach both traditional yoga in a studio, and SUP Yoga on the water— but I prefer teaching SUP Yoga. Yoga teaches you how to go with the flow; what better place to put this in practice than on the waves?


I’ve been fortunate to teach across North America, from the Islands of the Caribbean to Hawaii, Mexico, and Canada, as well as throughout the continental United States. I’ve taught at Wanderlust Festival—a life changing experience that has forged a place in my heart—as well as in local studios, businesses, and clinics. I’ve taught workshops, learnshops, trainings, and social events. 

Want to bring SUP Yoga to your community? Please reach out! I’m down to come to you—let’s make some magic. 



I grew up competitively wakeboarding and playing ice hockey. By the time I’d found paddleboarding, the thrill of competition had worn off. Or so I thought. 


The same friend who introduced me to SUP convinced me to participate in an informal “fun” race, called the “Battle of the Paddle.” This race forged a place in my heart, and taught me that racing didn’t have to be about the competition, but the camaraderie of the folks competing. 


I’ve competed throughout North American and the Caribbean. When I’m not on the road between events, I head out into local waters. Catch me mostly down South during the winter and in New England in the summer. 


For a complete list of race events, click here


SUP Fishing

If you’re a fisherman, you know that those precious moments as the sun comes up, rising with the fog lifting off the water to meet the sky are reason enough to get out on the boat. 


It’s not even about catching a fish on the end of line—sometimes these quiet moments with nature are all I need to want to keep doing it season after season.


Growing up on a lake in New England, I’ve spent many days cruising around fishing, most often in a motorboat with my family. Today, it’s been a while since I’ve fished with the help of an engine. 


There’s something even more serene about casting a line from a stand-up paddleboard. Maybe it’s the closeness of the water; maybe it’s the way your body controls the vessel as well as the line. Either way, SUP Fishing is a whole new experience—for novice and experienced fisherman alike. Just ask my nephews. 


Interested in trying it with me? Click here. No fishing experience necessary!