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My name is Jeramie Vaine, and I’m passionate about helping you tap into your personal power through watersports. I teach Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) around the world, and love sharing it outside of the floating classroom on social media and my blog as well. Connect with me @jvaine1.

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Growing up on the lake. We always wanted to have people to share our time on the water. But growing up in a small town. Not many people had the same experiences. In order to get people out on the water. We ended up teaching them how to wakeboard. Becoming teachers before we could drive cars. And it quickly grew into something more.

Having the guidance of my Dad. Who was my hockey coach. And also my early wakeboard coach. Even helping me land my first flip.

I was inspired to share my passion with others.

As I stumbled upon paddle boarding. Teaching slowly fell into place. Now with so many people excited to get out on the water. The opportunity to share my passion of the water and teaching. Has become a major part of my life.


I have found myself standing in the front of the class. Sharing my love for stand up paddle board yoga. Through classes at Festivals like Wanderlust and regional events throughout the country. I also enjoy teaching learn to paddle classes. Paddle technique clinics. And skills clinics. Throughout the year these classes occur all over North America. Some in conjunction with races and events. Others are stand alone events.

I will be updating the calendar for the 2019 season. If you’d like to have me come to your region please visit the contact page.