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Winter Fun in New England Snowy Playground

Winter’s Here.

Blowing snow. Temperature hovering in the single digits. And Lake Monomonac frozen solid. I am grateful for the fresh coat of snow on Christmas. And all the amazing time spent with family and friends.

But it’s now time to flock south.

Jupiter, Florida is the next stop. Where I’ll trade in my ice scraper, shovel and snow shoes. For a paddle, stand up paddleboard and board shorts.

Fun Times.

The three weeks spent here. So much fun was had. From paddling in a snow storm to seeing the Boston Bruins with my nephews, ice fishing with my cousins and a very Merry Christmas.

This trip has shown me a lot and as always. Taught me many lessons. Watching the lake transform from a summer playground to a winter one was radical in itself. And fishing continued to change my perspective of life and the outdoor world I enjoy.

Time with the puppies is always something that I cherish. As their unconditional love and excitement to explore is. Inspiring.

The same goes for the groms. Or kids as we call them up here in New England. Hours and hours of playing hockey. Or watching the Boston Bruins. Fully invested to it.

And my family. My Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother In-law, cousins and friends. Even with everyone’s hectic schedule just seeing them for a moment has been priceless.

Heading South.

As I begin the packing process of heading south. To my winter residence. The memories and lessons are sealed into my life. Acting as a reminder no matter where I travel or whose paths I cross. And for this I am forever grateful.

Thank you to everyone for making this trip one of the best ever. And excited to see you all again soon.

Video of Winter Fun.

This past week, even in sub zero temperatures. We still enjoyed Mother Nature.

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