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What is CBD and Does It Work?

It was a few years back. I was introduced to this stuff. One that has blossomed into a multi-billion dollar industry. And one that has been called a cure all. And at the same time, a placebo.

When I was told about cannabidiol or better known as CBD. It was through a good friend in the Marijuana business. A former pro athlete, that shared the passion of an active lifestyle. He told me that it is being used in recovery after heavy athletic feats. Similar to ice baths, yoga and the old school method of taking hand fulls of ibuprofen.

It peaked my interest. As I was currently reaping the mental and physical benefits that yoga was bringing to the athlete endeavors I was setting out on.

Over the next few years I tried a few different brands. In a few different methods. But nothing seemed to change in my life. I didn't feel a euphoric calming or pain free. Until I started experimenting on heavier dosages. I noticed my mind having the edge taken off. Like that of a half glass of wine. I also noticed my soreness after workouts and doing things my body may not be prepared for, diminished.

This breakthrough sent me on a journey to discover what kind and amount would work for me. It brought me to a company based out of Colorado, Pure Spectrum, and using two different types they offered. A isolate powder and a full spectrum tincture.

I learned that I needed a lot more than the recommended dosage. I was on average taking between 90 - 125 mg per day. I began to notice my daily stresses start to ease. And soreness lessen.

My opinion on CBD started to change.

Right around this time I had a few friends inquire about it. And they began to report similar experiences about how the felt. There was no one dosage amount that work, some needed less while others more.

As this continued to happen I wanted to learn more about the whys and hows.

My research brought me to websites, some that where pro CBD and Marijuana and others that opposed it. I read testing results. Lab reports. Personal testimonials. And product reviews.

The takeaways I was left with.

1. There was only one form of CBD approved by the FDA, Epidiolex.

2. The USDA took Hemp off the banned substance list with the 2018 Farm Bill.

3. CBD does not have the psychoactive effects that many associate marijuana with.

In a more scientific side, my research revealed some interesting findings. The human body has a system called the endicanibidol system. The definition from Wikipedia dives deep into the systematic side.

In a nut shell our body produces its own cannabiniods and has two receptors, CB1 and CB2 that they interact with. When we take CBD, it appears that we are teaching our body to use the cannabinoids it has.

Different than the way other medicines interact with the body. As they typically cover the receptors and nerve endings. Causing us to build up a tolerance and bandaid the issue. More research is being conducted but this is the general consensus of the findings.

The analytical side of me now had the evidence to understand that CBD is interacting with a system that exists in our body. And is something our body natural produces. It is not a foreign element being introduced. That was a breath of fresh air.

As I continued to experiment with CBD in a variety of forms and types. I found myself feeling the best while taking a full spectrum in a capsule form. But I have had friends who prefer the isolate. The difference is isolate focuses on the cannabidiol itself while full spectrum is the whole plant. Think of sunflower seeds vs. the entire plant. In full spectrum terms like the entourage effect are used as well as terpenes and a few others. This article breaks it down in the detail it deserves.

The one I am currently taking is from a brand called Wanae out of Utah. Full disclosure, I do work with them selling their product. However my goal is not to get you to take only what I sell. But to do your due diligence and find what may work for you. And help you get to that place where you feel comfortable finding a match for your needs. Some of my friends support local farmers, others have trusted brands for some time that are all over the country.

I am not a doctor. Nor a scientist. This is my personal experience. And research. Always consult with you Doctor before embarking on this journey as some medicines can respond adversely with CBD. And some peoples bodies may not have the systems to handle it all together.

As you begin to search, finding the third party tests for the products is huge. What does this mean? Hemp, which is what CBD is when the THC level is below 0.3%. Is part of the Marijuana family as it comes from the Sativa strain. The plant itself is a detoxifier, meaning it is used to remove toxins from the earth. Which can end up in the plant. By testing the product we not only know how much THC and CBD are in the product, we also learn if there is anything that can harm us.

This piece has been the biggest eye opener for me. A brand that is reputable and produce quality products and stands behind them has a 3rd party testing form for every product that make. Helping us all feel comfortable consuming the products.

Once we find a product to consume the next piece is finding the dosage. Start with the recommended dosage. It may work just as the company recommends. It can also take up to two weeks for the body to start to utilize the CBD entering the body. After the two weeks, and the nothing is felt increase the dosage. If the directions say take once a day. Try twice. If it says two capsules try three. The dosage has become a tough one to sort out as companies are not allowed to recommend more than 20 - 30 mg per day. However all the studies are based on dosages of 3 to 20 times the recommended amount. Putting us in a place of trial and error. Also as new research continues to come out, findings are being released that anxiety may need a different dosage from inflammation relief. And also too much may cause the body not to treat the targeted effect.

As I continue to research and learn about CBD. I will keep writing, posting educational information and also updating this blog. My goal is simple, for people to better understand what CBD is and if it is right for them.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you for reading and following along. Hopefully this helps shed some light on something that I have enjoyed the benefits of and truly believe in.

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