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The Post That Changed My World.

Eyes peel open. Few deep breaths. Accompanied by arms reaching over head. Feet in the opposite direction. Breath gets a bit deeper. Stretch a bit longer. And then I roll out of bed. Tuck the sheets back into place. Pull the comforter over. And head down to my French Press Coffee Maker.

In my mind I have this idea. I need to start my own business. As the coffee, filled with chocolate and hazelnut aromas, grabs my noses attention. The thought drifts off.

After a sip. The caffeine reinvigorates the thought. This time. With a lot more excitement. I take to the computer. Doctor up a few photos on Canva. One with a shovel. And drop a title over it. Post.

That moment was scary as shit. I posted I had a big announcement. I wasn't sure what the hell I was announcing. But I did it. Actually my subconscious had a lot to do with it. But I'll get into that in another blog.

As the post gained momentum. Comments. Likes. Text messages. And calls. I knew that I was ready. But to do what?

Over the next few months I continued to fumble around with what I was announcing. Content creation. Social Media. Digital Media. Paddle tips. The yoga. Brand strategy. And coaching.

No matter the title or cleaver description. There was a massive road block. Something was holding me back from going all in. And it was that four letter word I talk about a lot. In yoga classes. Posts. And in life. Fear.

Thanks to my friend, mentor, motivator and Namaste As Fuck Boss, Alex Tacket, we cracked open the goodness. And began to look at how to use this four letter word as a strength, not my damn kryptonite.

This blog is to inspire others to do the same. Take a step into the unknown. Put it out there and hold yourself accountable to deliver. Because you can.

And if you get stuck. Just like I did. Reach out. As this journey in life does not have to be a solo one.

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