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The Perfect First Stand Up Paddleboard.

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

The sun shinning down on our faces. The glistening reflection bounces off the water. And the gentle sounds of splashing water fill our ears. No matter where we paddle, these three things usually occur. And provide a sense of calm and relaxation.

Over the past eight years, my world has allowed me to share this feeling with people throughout North America. Which has always put a smile on my face.

One of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences is helping someone purchase their first stand up paddleboard. And have the ability to enjoy the water on their own time, in their own way.

Working with Surftech and NSP, two stand up paddleboard and surfboard manufacturers that share similar goals and visions. Has made this even easier. NSP had a vision many years ago to make products that were durable yet with performance characteristics, looked good and were affordable. Over the years they have done just that with a variety of products and construction methods. One of the products that has me the most exciting is new for 2020. A board that checks all the boxes, durable, paddles well, affordable and looks good.

The hit Cruise.

Coming in two different sizes, a 10'2 by 32 with 203 liters of volume, based on one of the best selling shapes here in North America. The other a new size 11'2 x 32.5 and 226 liters of volume. The weights of these boards are between 28 - 32 pounds. Beyond the specifications, this board comes with a full deck pad. Making it easy to add a little one to ride along, a fury friend or have work through some yoga poses. We also have added bungee cords to the front, making it easy to store a lifejacket, dry bag, water bottle or even a cooler. Knowing the difficulties of storing these boards and with the changing uses, we also added a whole through the nose of the board. A lock can be run through it if the boards need to be kept outside. It also can have a rope affixed if it is need to be towed by another paddle craft or motorized boat.

I've had the chance to paddle both sizes, do yoga on them, bring a pup and catch a few waves. These boards paddle very well and can handle paddlers up to 220 pounds for the 11'2 and 200 pounds for the 10'2. What really caught my attention was something that happened last week during the Paddlesport Retailer Event in Oklahoma City. With the board standing in a board stand, a heavy gust of wind ripped through the outdoor demo. Catching the 11'2 and sending it down to the concrete. Most boards would have had monumental damages to them. However the hit, literally bounced back, and moments later I put a fin in it and had a friend on the water paddling. Throughout the next 4 days we told the story and impact area was so hard to find we forgot what board it was on.

Whether you are in the market for your first board or adding one to the lake or beach house. This board is a great option.

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