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  • Jeramie Vaine

The Perfect First Stand Up Paddleboard.

The Perfect First Board.

Over 400 pounds. Most of it made up by three fury, tail wagging, smiling dogs. Making our way from shore. Out onto the lake. They move around. Finding “their” spots on the board. The board stays up right. And steady as I paddle over to a small Island.

This summer I added the Surftech Lido to my quiver. I knew about the durability of this board. And had some ideas about the versatility. However after spending a summer on this board. It continues to impress me with the ability to withstand the abuse I put it through. As well as it’s performance.

Beyond being the the go to for paddling with the pups. This board impressed me with how many people tried it and enjoyed their time on the water. It was the perfect board to introduce new paddlers.

As they left shore in moments they were standing. Paddling and enjoying themselves. The kids even borrowed it during the summer cookouts. And using it more as a raft. Enjoyed it as much as the puppies.

In paddling the first board. Or even first time on the water can make or break someone’s experience. And knowing that this board will handle anything anyone throws at it. Solidifies that it is the perfect first board for anyone.


The board has many more feautres than what I mentioned above. And this video highlights many of them. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out.

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