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The Not so Typical Yoga Highlight Reel

365 days total. And I have had the chance to see 338 of them. So far. Each one of these provided a different experience. Some where the highest of high moments. While others have inspired me to dig deeper. And raise the bar up a bit higher.

The vehicle that has weaved me around North America. In a physical sense. Has also traveled an internal journey helping me understand my sense of self and answer some of the most difficult questions.


A "workout" that I stumbled upon just over 8 years ago. Has me fully addicted. Both physically and mentally. As a student and teacher.

These moments. Are not a highlight reel. But rather a glimpse into something that has changed my world.

This was a night where a good friend, Greg Panas, and I paddled out to a sand bar. Brought fishing poles, his camera gear. And he captured the sunset while I moved through a yoga practice. It was a bit surreal at the time. And the pictures showed it.

Yoga on the water in Hawaii
Wanderlust Oahu with Paul Izak playing on the guitar. Photo by Harmony Dawn

This class was one that I left the water with the biggest smile. The man to my right, Paul Izak, a musician who I've followed for sometime played acoustic guitar for the class. His energy burned so strong. And when we took to the water. Not only did the sounds from the guitar strings come to life but his voice did as well. His words served as cues for me. And the students seem to melt into the boards. This experience opened my world to live music while teaching.

Spending the winter in Jupiter, Florida I had the opportunity to share my passion on the water. And off. This class at Blueline Surf and Paddle Co., my good friend and talented musician Trevor Parry joined us. It was another treat paddling around, moving through some yoga all while snuggled back inside the peace and quiet of the mangroves.

The sounds of drum. These vibrations connect with the water and provided such a special experience for all of us that could hear them. My man Brad Ellsworth of Druminyasa provided a unique, fun and energetic experience on the water.

Yoga is more than poses. Photo by Allyson Lynch
Wanderlust Squaw Valley Photo By Allyson Lynch

This moment at Wanderlust Squaw Valley captures why I love yoga. These balls of fire came out to a packed class and rocked the poses. Challenged themselves. Jumped in. Fell in. Laughed and inspired all of us to tap into that inner child. It also meant a lot for me as my nephews and niece love to play on the water doing the yoga with me. Yoga is much more than a workout for me now. And I feel these photos showcase it perfectly.

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