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The Morning

The routine.

Sometimes it is a great one. Get up early. Have a good breakfast. Off to the gym. Water. Or yoga mat. Get a solid session in. Leave feeling like anything is possible.

And the day is greeted with a smile.

Other times. It is the snooze button. The phone. A few likes on social media. A cup of coffee. No food. Straight to work. A bit of road rage.

And the day greeted with a big F – U.

The outcome.

When I have a chance to start my morning off right. Everything seems to come together. Even if a few things go a miss. I still work through them. And that smile seems to never leave my face.

But when I start my morning off the other way. And lately it has been that way. The entire day. Feeling like a bad game of catch up. Nothing accomplished. And constantly pissed off about everything.


After a conversation with a friend. And a day of practicing yoga. Paddling. And family time. I realized that. I have been holding on to some past, not so awesome, experiences. Bringing them with me. And it caused me to spiral into the routine that shared the same negativity.

This morning I woke up. With a different mind set. Yes there were a few things that followed along. A bit too much time on social media. But I made it to the water to meditate. And sit. Had some lemon and lime water. A bit of breakfast. Then my coffee.

A pleasant phone call with some friends. And that smile was there. Once again.

Create happiness.

I began to realize that the past few months. I resorted back into a place of comfort. Yes I shed a lot of the layers that used to bring frustration into my life. But I also held on to many. And this negative routine. Made it easy to slip back into them.

As I sat on the dock today. Fog lifting with rising sun. Like it was attached by a string.

The fog in my mind seemed to rise with it. Opening my eyes and mind. And encouraging me to write again.

We all have releases. And each one is unique to us. When we tap into these releases and make them part of our daily routine. The chaos that swirls around us, becomes less inviting. We acknowledge it for what it is. But leave it alone.

And we create our happiness.

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