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The Mind is Stronger, But Not as Strong as This.

As I made my way to the icey water. Through the snow covered ground. Someone was yelling at me to stop. It was a panic riddled voice. Each step the intensity of the yelling, increased. It became louder. As I placed my towel on the dock. Headed in. The negativity increased. And name calling ensued.

Back in the fall I learned about cold water therapy. As I was scrolling through Social Media, Wim Hof had a post about how making it through a cold shower teaches us how resilient we truly are. And how much stronger we are, than the mind. Intrigued I started on this journey of cold water therapy. Cold Shower Challenge. Starting at 10 seconds. And building. For me, they turned into a minute. And sometimes even longer.

A few weeks later. A friend and educator, Amy Field, posted a photo on Social Media enjoying the cold waters near her home. I was intrigued. I shot her over a text. And a phone call resulted.

She provide me some breathing techniques. And tips on how to be successful. She reminded me to be patient. And gentle. Both were essential, but not as valuable as the breath work.

Ice baths or cold water therapy has made its way into my life. Not for a recovery after working out but a tool used to overcome the mind or voice inside of the mind. It has helped during these difficult times of not knowing what happens next. It has helped me stay in the present moment. The reason is attached to a fundamental basic of our life.


This time we are in, is testing all of us. At levels we have not seen before. Or experienced. However there are ways to grow and prosper during these times. And the tools are available. If we are willing to use them. I have been riddled with fear. Paralyzed by the what ifs. Now the time that fear overwhelms me. Is dwindling.

Thanks to the breath. And learning how to use it in all aspects of life.

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