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SUP Pups. Paddling with Puppies.

Golden Doodle and Golden Retriever. Love stand up paddleboarding

The little things.

As I head away from the dock. Their barks echo through the air.

Having no barriers over the water. The sound travels. The calling from my furry friends.

Accompanies my entire paddle. Even a mile from home.

The calling. Begging. “Come get us. We are the SUP pups.”

They just want to come stand up paddleboarding with me. And see where we may go. What we may see.

There are no need for words. As the looks upon their faces always tells the story.

Smiles. Happiness. Raw. And authentic.

SUP Pups.

The ironic piece. Is Dakota, the Golden Retriever. Is actually afraid of the water. I mean he will wade and swim if he has to. But unlike most Goldens. He doesn’t hurl himself off the dock. Nor find himself at home when swimming. It is a survival method. To get him back to shore. Or on the board.

But when he is on the stand up paddleboard. He is calm. And at home.

The Golden Doodle. Oscar. Another one who has more Poodle in him then Golden. Will chase a few tosses into the water. Leap off the dock. But always with a bit of hesitation. Until I paddle away. Without him.

Then he hurls himself through the air. Sometimes landing on the paddleboard others half on and half in the water. Resulting in my swimming and laughing.


After multiple failed attempts to take them one at a time. Or drag a second board behind. I’ve know just accepted. That we will paddle together. Somedays we look like we have done it hundreds of times.

Others. I swim. We all swim.

But one thing is certain. We enjoy our time on the water together. And that is all that matters to me.

As these are the SUP Pups.

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