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  • Jeramie Vaine

Stress Relief. Just Another Reason to Paddle.

A Stressful Day

The alarm blaring. Like that of the siren of a firetruck heading to a three alarm blaze. We jump out of bed. And the clock catches our eye.

We are late.

The day begins to spiral downward. The list of things to accomplish shot from the get go. In moments the phone will ring and the boss or client looking for those items.

As the day goes on we start looking at what we can cut out of the day to make up for lost time. And the one thing that always seems to go first. Is the us time.

Making Our Way to the Water.

This morning a good friend of mine. And the Florida Sales Rep from Surftech and NSP. Headed out on the water. We both were a little slow to make it there and discussed that it would be a somewhat mellow paddle.

But before we knew it we were 3 miles into the paddle. Dripping from head to toe in sweat. Looking more like we went for a swim. Not staying a top the water paddling.

There was no talking. Just the sounds of the water splashing against our boards. A bit of heavy breathing. And the clock’s angry beeps telling us to go faster. Or that’s enough.

As we made our way back to the dock. A sixty minute paddle. One that left us both sitting with a childish grin and a few chuckles.

“Man that was tough. But so glad we did it.” AJ said to me as we put the boards on the roof.

We both had this feeling of accomplishment. But more importantly this euphoric feeling. One that the yoga studio delivers. Or that of a cold beverage on a hot summer day.

Stress Release.

As we drove home. The benefits of the workout set it. Yes we both are training to compete as paddlers. But bigger than that. This 60 minute escape. Allowed us to free ourselves from whatever may have a hold on us.

Reminding us both how fortunate we are that our gym. Our place to release stress and tension. Is the water.

It sent me back to the computer to share the message. To encourage friends and those I may not know. That working out is not about training for an event. Or getting in shape. But taking care of our minds. Even with limited time due to our busy schedule it is possible to do. We just have to make the effort.

The irony of it all. Is when we return to the office. We are focussed and more productive than if we would have just sat behind the computer angrily punching the keyboard.

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