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Straight Out of OKC, The Surftech and NSP 2020 Line.

Paddles stashed in the back of my Subaru and my stand up paddleboard folded up into a duffle bag.

As I meander through the hectic Boston traffic. The billboard like signs of Logan Airport remind me the journey in my car is about to be completed. And the next form of transportation will take over.

Wheeling my luggage through the chaos of the airport I make my way to the desk of the Delta check in. Greeted with a smiling face, I hand over my baggage.

This part, always my favorite as I'm asked, "what's in the bag." With a smile I reply, a stand up paddleboard.

This was my first time heading to the Paddlesports Retailer. And to be honest I was a bit perplexed that the paddlesports industry would meet in the middle of the continent.

As we began our set up for the On Water Demo at Riversport Rapids, it became very clear on why the organizers picked this location to showcase the 2020 product lines.

This location had the most unique formats I have been able to take part in. From 12 pm to 4 pm we all took to the water. Testing. Paddling. Playing. And enjoying a flat water, calm, man made body of water. But as the clock struck 4. A switch was literally turned. And this mellow body of water turned into a circular river, with standing waves and unique river features and rapids.

On day 2 we headed back to the convention center, which was a quick walk from all of the area hotels. This part is always the hardest for me as I struggle to explain the products in an indoor environment, however coming off the buzz of the day before it was a bit easier than other events I have been to in the past. It became more of a story telling event than a product talk. And many of us wished we were all still by the waters edge.

Accompanied by my good friend and Surftech's Northwest Sales Rep Jim MacVicker and the new addition to the team, Matt Jones the Director of US Sales. We had a solid crew. We also were accompanied by our new 2020 product line, which had many of us excited.

A couple of the highlights were the new color ways from the Surftech, Joe Bark and Prana Collaboration. The Surftech Air Travel series, our inflatable line, as we added some outside the box, innovative products. One, the Tow Pro, which had one of our athlete's, Ken Hoeve, who was the visionary behind this product beyond stoked. He an I tested it on the flatwater, then after the show Ken brought it back to the rivers of Colorado to test it on a down river, fishing adventure. A new color way in the Utility Armor series, which is the Lido and Promenade, with a focus on the lady paddlers. Joe Bark's signature models, the Commanders have new colors and a new construction with a focus on price point. As we are seeing more and more people prone paddling as a way to stay fit. We wanted to get this board into the hands of more people to experience the benefits of prone paddling. NSP also had some exciting new products starting with the Air Wave Foil, providing a hydrofoil that has interchangeable parts and boards for surf, SUP and wake. We also launched the HIT Cruise which was tested in a unique fashion as it was blown out of the stand and smashed on the concrete. A fall that would usually leave a board in a bad place, left almost no marks and was paddled after the fall. NSP also is launching an inflatable fitness platform, one I have been testing for the past month and has been a fun addition to the yoga stand up paddleboards. NSP also added the Flax technology to the eco friendly cocomat boards. And launched redesigned shapes for the Puma, Ninja and the DC SUP Surf series. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Puma as Alain Teurquetil, the man behind the shape, has told me that I will be blown away by the new shape. The DC SUP Surf line had my blown away as I surfed the 9'0 by 28" at our sales meeting. I was so stoked on its performance I wouldn't let anyone else surf it. Kidding, kind of.

Over the next month I'll be launching reviews on many of these key boards. Some of my own, others of our team riders. If there is a board or paddle you want to know more of let me know and we will get it done.

Thanks for the support, hope to paddle with you all soon!

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