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Staying Active and Using CBD.

The alarm clock sounds. As I wake and start to make my way out of bed to shut the annoying reminder to get up. Off. My body feels as if a small bus hit me. Then backed up over me as if to make sure the job was done.

Putting my pants on hurts. Socks are almost impossible. Then brushing the teeth. As I am ready to walk out the door. I am faced with a flight of stairs. Each task is accompanied by the reminder of the workout from the previous days. I look and feel 80 and like the person who actually had a traumatic life set back.

It was nothing like that. It was a new workout I tried. One I enjoyed. Playful. Fun. And only 45 minutes long.

As an athlete I have been exposed to workouts like this throughout my career. In college during pre-season was the last time I felt this way. And those workouts lasted a lot longer.

A few years back I was introduced to CBD. But it wasn't until two years ago where I began to dive into the benefits. As CBD has become a staple of my life. Like yoga and paddling. Days like the one I mentioned above have diminished. What excites me the most. Is that I am not alone.

Now I fully understand not everyone wants to pursue an athletic career as an adult or perform monumental athletic feats, such as marathons or tough mudder races. However most of the people I know do some sort of fitness routines in order to stay healthy and fit. And have days where the soreness of the body almost makes them question why they are doing this to themselves.

Along similar lines, I also have friends that want to workout, but because of past injuries or onset of aging. Are no longer able to move in ways they used to. Or are in such pain that those activities are only part of a story they tell.

A handful of these friends. Some athletes like myself. Others are people who love playing golf, racquet ball, playing with their kids, going on a hike or walk in nature. Have reached out about my personal experience. And added CBD to their worlds. Like myself they are experiencing similar benefits. Less soreness. And increased mobility. Along with these physical attributes, the mental softening is accompanying them. Meaning basic life stresses no longer set them off. Feeling a bit less anxious than in the past.

By no means is CBD a wonder drug. Or a cure all. It is just another valuable thing to add to the arsenal in the health and wellness pursuit. As there is a common link with everyone and myself who are enjoying it. They have taken a path to a healthier journey. Utilizing multiple avenues to achieve the goal.

If you have any questions on brands or types to try please reach out. As there are many great brands out there.

Please keep in mind I am not a doctor and I make no claims that CBD as any proven effects on the body. It is my personal experience and experiences of friends, which they have shared with me. If you are interested in CBD always consult with your physician to see if it is ok for you to take. As like anything it is not for everyone.

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