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Stand Up Paddleboarding: An Easy Way to Enjoy Nature.

Surrounded by Nature.

The soft, gentle sounds of water rolling against the side of the board. As each paddle stroke moves us along. The fresh, clean air hits our face and awakes the senses. And the sites that pass before our eyes replicate that of a National Geographic documentary.

Time of the day. Nor the location matter.

Just being here. Is all that is important


Stand up paddling has brought me to many beautiful places to paddle. But over the past 6 months. A new dynamic has added so much more. A chance to fully engulf myself within nature. Soaking up all that it has to offer.

The sunset while fishing is always unique. But standing on a paddleboard adds a whole new level.

The SUP Experience.

SUP Fishing, like many of the other disciplines that the sport of stand up paddleboarding offers. Appears to very niche and only for the die hard. However my recent road trip down the East Coast has opened my eyes to the possibilities that it is bringing to the table. And the user friendly aspect it can provide.

Like any of the branches that SUP has the proper equipment can help the experience. This does not mean we need the state of the art equipment. However the appropriate equipment and right sized equipment is the simple, key to success. As well as understanding our ability level and the conditions we are heading out on.

Landing this fish on a stand up paddleboard was a blast.

Sharing the fun.

Over the past two plus weeks. My travels brought me through Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. I’ve been on the river, small lakes, big lakes, fresh water canals and the ocean. Each location different from the others. And from the small lake I was paddling on in New England.

Working with an industry leader in stand up paddleboarding, Suftech and NSP. I am fortunate to have many of the best tools at my finger tips. And on this road trip, like many others they joined me.

Testing the boards, with friends, in the differing conditions has been rewarding. I’ve been able to head out on the water with many people of different sizes and ability levels. From the groms, to my Dad and everyone in between.

And everyone was able to paddle.

Along these same lines, I also have been using the boards in all types of conditions. Cruises with the groms and friends, SUP Surfing, SUP yoga, SUP Fishing and downwinding. The takeaway from it all is that the we do not need one board for each discipline. Having a board that we enjoy and are stable on in all conditions will allow us to experience nature in an amazing way.

And when the time comes and we want to expand our selection, then we will have a good understanding of what we are looking for in the next board.

Landing this fish on a stand up paddleboard was a blast.
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