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Smiles and Kindness are Priceless.

A silent, simple yet strong method of communication. Where the corners of the mouth. Slide upwards.


During our daily grind. Crossing off items on our to do lists. We become so accustomed to moving swiftly. We lose sight of something. And we are not alone. As as society we have also lost connection with this.

Many felt this removal of a basic human interaction. That in 1998 a day was created, World Kindness Day. And in 2019 under Swiss Law the World Kindness Movement attained official status.

Beyond the history lesson. And greater than a single day that we designate to be nice to each other. Kindness is gaining popularity.

Some acts are massive. As the USA Today shares helping people get to college, providing specially equipped glasses to help a color blind classmate see colors and the saving of a 9 year olds birthday party.

For me. Those acts are beautiful. But unobtainable for many of us.

Instead the list compiled by Fox News 31 in Denver resonates with me a bit more. The article provides a list of 31 things we can do or provide for another human. Or even ourselves. From a simple tex to a friend or family member to buying the stranger behind you a cup of coffee.

The list of examples out there to implement or follow are massive. But there are many that our in our grasps daily but we have become so hardened that we have lost the connection to what is kindness.

Tomorrow morning as I head into bustling Logan Airport. And cross paths with strangers. Many stressed out. Nervous and with stories I will never know. I am to say Good Morning and exchange pleasantries. Allow the person in a bit more of a rush ahead of me. And smile at the people working, especially those who may have had the unhappy, stressed person do just the opposite moments before.

The reasoning behind this, life is stressful. And we all have a story. By acknowledging that with a smile or good day. One piece of stress is momentarily removed. Allowing for positivity to flow. Making one person happy is rewarding, that's why I am making it my goal.

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