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Share Positivity and Support.

Even though we have not been through anything as unique as what we are experiencing right now. We all have had traumatic events occur to us.

For me, this time reminds me of September 11th, 2001. Where we in the United States, stood still for days. Trying to understand the catastrophic events that unfolded, right before our eyes on National TV.

What we did the days following. Lead by the heroic actions of the First Responders. We put each other first, some even willing to pay the ultimate price.

While many of us are home. This same group of heroes are out, once again on the front lines. Forgotten. Overworked. In the face of danger day in and day out. And sadly being a bit mistreated.

Each day I start my day, I avoid the scroll for a bit. But throughout the day I get sucked in. And the posts I have been seeing are not the heartfelt ones that I recall of the day back in September many years ago. It is time for us to put down our opinions. Whether you are the leading expert on this virus or an up and coming one. Right now is about being there for our loved ones. Extending support to those who need it. And holding space for those fighting this thing out in the wild. We can change the way we approach the day and begin to encourage optimism and positivity. For those they don't want to follow suit, I encourage you to unfollow them. Not to start a fight. But rather remove the negative energy from your life. If that doesn't sit well with you. Try putting the phone down or turning the social media off.

Fill this space with activities. Puzzles. Write. Read. Try new workouts. Learn a new language. Call a friend. Time is more valuable than toilet paper right now. Because it truly is all we have.

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