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  • Jeramie Vaine

Setting up a Stand Up Paddleboard. For Fishing.

Nature’s Playground, the Water.

The water. A massive playground. Open for our enjoyment however we see fit. But sometimes we are limited on this enjoyment Because of our. Lack of resources.

However it is changing. More and more water vehicles are being created. To help get us out on the water. And enjoy the beauty of this playground.

Years ago, as a small child, the canoe was my means to get out on the water. Battling the wind, boats and my ability level. It made it a challenge. One that deterred me from getting on the water as much as I could.

Now, 30 years later. The ability to get out on the water has become a lot easier. Thanks to another paddle sport.

Stand Up Paddleboarding.

As I have spent more and more time on the water stand up paddling. My eyes have been opened to many unique ways to experience the fun. Whether it is surfing, paddling with friends, SUP Yoga or stand up paddle fishing.

Enjoying Fishing from a Stand Up Paddleboard.

When I first started fishing from my paddleboard. It was just one rod. A few rubber worms and an extra hook. It was fun. A bit challenging. But I was on the water enjoying myself.

After some time researching boards and set ups. I realized there were some options on how to make fishing from a paddleboard a bit easier.

Two of the features that were easy additions. But changed the experience. One was an Engle Cooler with rod holders. The other a product by Scotty Mount to add accessories, like a bait board. The rod holders and bait board allowed for me to paddle easily without worrying about losing any of my fishing gear. And I could further on my trips.

As I started fishing more and more. A company I work closely with in the Stand Up Paddleboard Industry, NSP had a board called the O2 Fisherman. I added this to my quiver and it has been my go to. From the lakes of New England, Okeechobee in Florida and the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

With 3 Scotty Mount adapters built into the board it has made the set up easy. And with this board being an inflatable, traveling is simple. Now when I head out to the water. I have all the equipment I need for a long excursion. Multiple poles. Fish finder. Food, water. And all the lures.

Within 20 minutes I can have the board full inflated. Rigged up with all my equipment and start paddling out. Many times I am on the water quicker than my counter parts with boats on trailers.


Here is a detailed look at how I set up my fishing board. In this video there are two boards. One is the O2 Fisherman, the other is the O2 Touring. Both of them have Scotty Mounts built into the board making the set up a bit easier. And both are also inflatables. See you on the water!

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