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Sea to Sky. Wanderlust Whistler.

Sea to Sky.

Weaving in and out of Vancouver traffic. Horns honking. People hustling through the streets. And sushi spots on every corner. Off in the distance. Hidden behind the buildings. Ones that reach straight up and out of sight. From inside the view of mini van. My eyes catch the peaks. White in color.

As we begin to leave the fast pace streets of the city. The road divides. The hills become a bit steeper. The curves of the road resemble that of a go cart track. And the mountains start to reveal their raw and massive appearance.

The road, known as the Sea to Sky Highway, is one of the most scenic thoroughfares I’ve traveled. The name perfectly fitting. Starting at the Straight of Georgia, an extension of the Pacific Ocean, in Vancouver. Heading up into the mountains of British Columbia.

The granite faces of the mountain sides, just an arms reach to the right of the car. The contrast of the alpine Caribbean blue water backed by the rugged, yet perfectly snow dressed mountains on the left side of the road. Act as guides, bringing us through the towns, some active and others sleepy. On the way up to the destination.

Wanderlust Whistler.

Arriving in Whistler village. The connection to the outdoors is apparent. People on bicycles, all different types from suspension cladded almost dirt bike looking mountain bike to sleek two wheelers. They are joined by hikers, some carrying snowboards and snow skis, along the road and walkways surrounding this active town. The cars and trucks that pass by also reflect that of mountain lifestyle. Many with kayaks, stand up paddleboards, more of the bikes and other forms of transportation on their roofs, trunks and in the beds of the pick ups.

Looking beyond the many people moving in and around the village. The signs of the yoga festival begin to emerge. The Mad Max looking mountain bikers walking side by side with mala bead wearing, yoga mat carrying yogis. The yin to the yang blend. And interactions between the two leaving them both with smiles.

The venues that are created throughout the village. Even high atop, 7,000 feet above sea level and a massive 5,000 foot of elevation gain. Still carry this perfect blend of the mountain vibe and the Wanderlust experience.

SUP Yoga on Alpha Lake.

Just a short trip away from the village to the south. And across the street from the area known as Creekside. Sits Alpha lake. The site of the SUP Yoga Floating Studio.

The lake, an active park with a swimming beach, adjacent to a lively dog park. Has crystal clear water. Brisk for those of us from warmer parts of the country but very refreshing on the warm summer days.

Panoramic views of the mountains can be seen from the water. Providing one of the most breathtaking floating studios that Wanderlust has in its portfolio.

During the classes the students were shuttled to their boards, like that of an Italian gondola ride. Just on a paddleboard. As the students arrived at their boards, 20 stand up paddleboards designed specifically for SU Yoga. They shifted their way on to the floating studio. Shortly after the teacher, who was one of the gondoliers greeted the class. Some of the classes were joined by musical guests providing an almost dreamlike experience.

Canadian Tour.

Leaving the mountains of British Columbia it is hard not to be overcome by the amount of culture that surrounds us. People from all across the globe descend on this mountain town. Many languages and accents are heard throughout the village. Providing the perfect introduction into the final Wanderlust Festival stop of the year in North America.

Wanderlust Tremblant.

Set on Lac Tremblant and at the base of Mont Tremblant. This colorful village carries the sounds of the french language. And energy of a ski town.

Join me in this send off celebration. At another one of my favorite Wanderlust settings. One week away.

Adding the perfect exclamation point on another fun filled Wanderlust Festival season here in North America.

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