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  • Jeramie Vaine

Road Trip North: Wanderlust Snowshoe.

1,000 Mile Journey.

North bound. Weaving through the southern states. Up the Appalachian Mountains.

Roads feel as they climb over the mountains. Switchbacks. 180 degree turns. And a path that leads us into the clouds. Then finally above them.

A journey that took 1,000 miles. And worth every inch of it.

Wanderlust Snowshoe.

The destination. Serves more as a pilgrimage. As we flock to the mountains of West Virginia every June.

For three days. Total strangers become family. Share campfire sing alongs. Chairlift rides to the lakes. Late night, silent dance parties with DJ battles. And of course. Yoga.

This is Wanderlust. A festival that taps into mindfulness and experiences that forever change us.

Lake Vibes.

This setting. Is one of the most unique I have experienced. The Lodge. And most of the festival is on top of the mountain. But not the lake.

At the base of Snowshoe Mountain. Shavers Lake sits. Serving as a reflecting pool for the rolling green hills. And etched ski runs that make of the ski resort.

This view comes to life as we take a reverse commute down the mountain on a chairlift. As we descend downward the lake slowly begins to melt behind the green landscape. And then reveals its pure beauty as we arrive at the bottom of the mountain.

A white soft sand greets us after a brief walk. Encouraging us to remove our shoes and allow our feet to feel what the eyes see. Walking towards the waters edge a water playground, with the sounds of giddy children laughter fills the air.

Just beyond the water playground, boards float on the waters surface. Making up two floating studios. With 20 students in each. And a teacher guiding each class.  This is the setting for SUP Yoga.

Along with the visual beauty. The laughter and voices parallel the excitement of the children enjoying their water park. And the energy feels similar to that of runners conquering their goals at a marathon.

Hearing people mention how happy they were to try something that made them overcome their fears. And how empowered they felt leaving the lake.

For those of us that were fortunate to spend time at the waters edge soaked in all of these feelings. And shared them in the next classes we taught. Making the experience a full circle one. For all involved.

The Experience.

It has almost been six years since my first experience with Wanderlust. And everyone always finds a way to open my heart, mind and soul.

I am forever grateful for my friends, new and old that dance into my life here. The people behind the scenes who make it all possible. And the teachers who I share this space with.

Who are the best support group. Always willing to lend a hand. Hug and high five. Morning day and night.

This is why I Wanderlust.

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