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Places to Paddle Everywhere: Florida Living.

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Good Bye Winter.

It is not that I do not like winter. I actually enjoy snowy adventures. But when an opportunity presents itself to live in endless summer. It is hard to pass up. And that is why I am Florida living.

On New Years Eve Eve, I loaded up the car. And pulled out of my driveway. Leaving behind temperatures hovering -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Road Trip.

It was a bit comical having a car loaded with summer time toys. Stand up paddleboards on the roof. Fishing poles, paddles and snorkel gear in the back seat. While the people and cars around me, just the opposite. Plows. Snow shovels. Snow skiing gear. And their attire mirrored that of an Alaskan wilderness explorer.

During the trip down 95. The north wanted to send me off with a proper good bye. Just outside of New York City. The temperature gauge now reading a balmy 17. A whiteout covered the highway. Visibility less than 10 cars in front of me. And a few unfortunate drivers spun out into the median.

A white knuckle drive was ahead. All the way to Washington D. C.

It wasn’t until I hit the Florida boarder where the temperatures thawed. And it where I finally lost the last few pieces of New England that were clinging to my car.

Floria Living.

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to spend a lot of time in the Sunshine State. And back in 2009 until 2012 Central Florida was my home. But there was something calling me back this year.

And as it would work out perfectly. I found myself making my way to Jupiter. A true playground for all things water.

Since arriving on the 31st of December. The community has been amazing. Helping me mix right in. And enjoy many of the activities that this place offers.

My good friend Kim, introduced me to her yoga studio, Breath Salt Yoga. The racing community took me in and has taken me out on the water for a local race series and some training paddles. The local paddle and surf shop, Blueline Surf and Paddle has helped get all the tools I need to experience this place in the best possible ways. And my friends, taking me in and showing me around the best spots the area has to offer.

Just the Start.

With just 16 days under my belt here. The 2018 season is off to a solid start. And more great things coming together.

In the next week I’ll be launching dates for the events we will be attending. From demos and clinics to races.

If you are interested in any of the boards in the Surftech, Bark or NSP lines. Don’t be afraid to reach out as we have a full quiver of demo boards available for everyone to test out.

And the weather here. Is nice.

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