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Paddling Experience: Ohana Surf Shop Demo.

Beach Day.

A trailer full of boards. The sounds of reggae music echoing out of a school bus. And calm waters steps away. Boards lined up on the beach. Groms (kids), laughing and playing in the water. Friends out paddling. And Ohana’s new shop addition, nugget soaking up the beach vibes. It was a blast for all of us.

Paddling around.

Last weekend we rolled over to Stuart, Florida to visit our good friends from Ohana Surf Shop. And the weather delivered a picture perfect spring day.

The water, protected from the winds created the perfect paddle spot. With a buoy set a few hundred feet off shore. Bright red and covered with the Surftech logo. Acted as a beacon. Encouraging paddlers to head out and view the set up from the water.

Sun, sand, flags, boards, friends and a tent. Was the scene from the water. And it was an inviting one.


From afar one would view this set up as a bunch of friends getting together on a Saturday. And that is what makes these things so enjoyable. Whether we have met many times before. Or today was the first day. The connection is authentic.

And keeps a friendly reminder of why stand up paddling offers something more besides the physical aspect of paddling around. It truly is a community. Connected by water.

Ohana Surf Shop.

If you missed this demo, there are more fun events on tap. Our friends from Ohana have a laundry list of fun events ahead. With something for everyone. And if you haven’t had a chance to take a ride in the bus. Add that to the list of things to do.

How often can you say that you rode a school bus, with a bunch of friends. Listening to your favorite music. And enjoying a frosty drink.

I’m signing up for that, next event.

Ohana Demo Day Video.

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