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Paddle Board Fishing

Stand Up paddle board fishing in New England

When life is simple. The rewards become the biggest.

My nephew. His pole. A board and a paddle.

We cruise around Lake Monomonac in North Central Massachusetts. A perfect September day. Sunshine. No clouds. And a few leaves getting ready to change into their vibrant colors.

As we share stories of our days. He occasional asks if he has a fish. As this experience is still new to him.

But like life. The more experiences he has. The more he begins to understand. And after catching a few few. He then understands what it is like to have a fish. On the end of his line.

This trip. A smile lasts the whole ride. Each fish. Provides endless excitement. And a connection to the water we float upon.

A passion is created. One that connects him with nature. The water. And fishing.

To him this is paddleboard fishing.

To me and opportunity to share so many things I love. With him.

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