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New England Summer. Paddling at Home.

“When I grow up…”

The phrase we utter as kids. And some of us still hold onto it. Because we just are not ready to give up all those fun things we used to do.

This year as I made my way back up to New England. A place that I’ve spent almost every summer for the last 38 years. That phrase made me chuckle a bit. Maybe it is because I move back into the home I lived as a kid. With my parents. Or the fact that I still spend every waking moment on the water when Mother Nature and my schedule allows.

Either way. This world has presented itself with a gift. Where I have the opportunity to share my passion of fun. With so many people. And now as the opportunities unfold in New England. The chance to do it hear is a dream come true.

Kittery Trading Post

Last Friday it all kicked off at a place that had so much meaning to me growing up. Loving the outdoors. Fishing. Boating. And Nature.

The best day of the year was the trip all the way up to Maine, Kittery Trading Post. Walking in the massive doors. Beneath the wild animals and fish. That were in their fierce poses. Like one would envision in the wild. We would run up to the second floor as if we were trying to escape the massive bear that was at the bottom of the stairs. But turning straight into a fox. Or some other creature waiting for us.

This place, the Kittery Trading Post. And in my humble opinion is the Original Bass Pro Shop. From the layout to the gear inside. Always had a place in my heart. And when the opportunity arose to visit and do a paddleboard demo. It was an easy yes.

Our good friend and main man at the Seacoast Paddleboard Club. Helped put everything in motion and get the day set up. When I arrived. Mother Nature was a bit, well, New England like. But Chris and I did a tour of the store and then made our way to the water.

We paddled around the small pond. Which is created by the incoming tide. And were joined by a few other members of the club. We made the most of the day. And by early afternoon the sun joined us. The quiver that accompanied us was shared. Swapping back and forth. Giving each other our thoughts and feels on each one. Making for the perfect day of paddling with friends.

Connecting with this group was just as exciting as the trip up to my favorite child hood store. And the best part. I get to go back and see them all again soon.

Summer in New England.

Over the next couple of months New England will be my home base. Traveling to events. Clinics. And classes. Many of the trips will be a first for me. Others an annual occurrence. If you are in New England visiting or living here shoot me a message as I’d love to paddle with you.

If paddling is something that you are a bit unsure about I’d love to help get you on the water to try it out. And now that the weather is in full summer mode. And the water is heating up. There isn’t a better time to give it a try.

Event Schedule.

June 21st – 24th – Wanderlust Stratton. A four day mindfulness festival that has something for everyone. I’ll be teaching SUP Yoga. June 27th – SUP Yo in Boston Harbor. A city I lived for my college years. And one I visit frequently. But this is a first for me. I’m beyond excited to be practicing on the water. In Boston. June 28th – Paddle Clinic Seacoast Paddle Club. I had a chance to meet a few of these guys but excited to spend more time on the water with them. July 6th – Paddle for Plummer Clinic July 7th – Paddle for Plummer Event and Race – These two events have become something I love being involved with. The heart felt story from the kids who stay at the home. To the team who puts it all on. July 8th – Stand Up for Veterans – Downunder in Westport, CT has been an annual stop since I have been involved in the sport. Kim, Karen and the entire staff are always hosting fun events and ways to get on the water. This event will be no different and my good friend Jim Terrell of Quickblade will be in town as well sharing his knowledge.

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