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  • Jeramie Vaine

Nature Exploration. Why I Fish.

Surrounded by Nature.

Meandering down the winding roads. Each turn filled by plush green forest that leads up unto the roads edge. The tree branches hang out and over. Covering it like a canopy.

As the pavement ends. The road narrows. The green landscape reaches even closer to my car. Making my way around a turn the green disappears. And a clearing opens.


This was my first time visiting this lake set deep into the hills and woods of Central New England. As I unloaded my board. Making my way down to the waters edge the paddle out was just as scenic as the drive out.

Lilly pads on either side. Reaching out all the way to the waters edge. Meeting the thick timberland. Ducks moved around slowly keeping their distance. While others, soared over head. The Great Blue Heron perched in the shallows. Looking for its next meal.

There was a path cut in the lily pads leading me out to the main lake.

Why Fishing.

Since the summer of 2017. I have spent a lot of time on my paddleboard fishing. The love for fishing did not just start then. But years before. As a kid growing up on the lake. I spent hours on the water fishing. But as life happens. Fishing took a back seat.

When my good friend Chris Hollingsworth encouraged me and inspired me to head out fishing. The love rekindled.

Over the past year fishing has brought me to more beautiful remote locations than anything else. I have had chances to interact with nature in a whole new capacity. And see things that I typically would miss. On days when the fish don’t bite. There still is something to see and leave with.

This is why I continue to head to the water. Look up new bodies of water to fish.

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