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Miami Demo Day: Sandy Point Progressive Sports

Sunday Adventures.

Winding down I 95. As the sun peaks up and over the skyline. And reflecting off the blue calm waters.

It was a quiet Sunday morning. With the city of Miami slowly awakening. People moved around the streets. Beaches. And the cafes. As we arrived into the Miami Yacht Club we were greeted by a group of young sailors. All preparing their boats for a day on the water.

And we followed suit.

AJ and I. Unloading a trailer filled with 2018 NSP Raceboards.

Demo Day.

This day. Was Sandy Point Progressive Sports Demo Day. Inviting the local paddling community, better known as the Coco Plum Navy. Down to the protected waters adjacent to the Miami Yacht Club.

We placed a buoy Just off the beach. And another a bit further out. Jim, from Sandy Point, drove around in the zodiac boat. Providing boat wakes to surf and check the stability of the boards.

Paddlers of all ability levels took to the waters. Swapping out boards. Providing their feedback and thoughts to each other. While heading back out on the water.

Ten boards lined the beach. But rarely did they stay there.

It truly was the perfect way to start a Sunday Morning. And great to see old friends. As well as meet new ones from the Miami scene. We look forward to heading back down in the near future to explore these waters with the Coco Plum Navy.

The Next Stop.

With the Florida season moments away from becoming into full swing. The next few months are loaded with fun events, demos and tours. Please let me know if there is an event we are missing or a place we should visit.

This weekend AJ will be in Jupiter for the Palm Beach Paddlefest. And I’ll be over in Cape Romano for the Red Bull Privateers.

The following weekend we rejoin forces and head down to the East Coast Paddleboard Championships. Where we will have a full display of Surftech, Bark and NSP boards on the beach for demo.

See you soon!

Demo Video.

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