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Making the Holidays Enjoyable, One Breath at a Time.

Holiday music is starting to make guest appearances on the Spotify channels. Lights are be strung atop the roofs. Christmas tree stands are filling. And we are a solid 48 hours from Turkey day.

The sights and sounds described above, for many provide excitement and happiness. While others. Not so much. These visuals instantly cause the palms to sweat. And the anxiety to build. Our minds are building the stories of how this season is going to happen, leaving us a complete mess. Possibly putting us curled up in our beds, hoping we open our eyes and January 2nd appears on the phone.

We all have our unique reasons on why we view the holidays in the manner we do. And we have every right to do that.

I wanted to put together a few tips that can help make the holiday season a bit more palatable. Recently I have put down the numbing agents during these stressful moments and started to look at the root of the issue. A tough finger to point, but for me it has been my ego. And expectations. From something as simple as worrying about who may show up. Or what someone may say. These thoughts begin to take up space in my mind, replacing the positivity and optimistic outlook with a bunch of doom and gloom. And it builds, putting my hopelessly romantic outlook of the world almost out of reach.

How do we prevent this downward spiral from occurring?

  1. Let go. We need to try our best to not attach to thoughts or read into them. A thought is just that a thought. The moment we give it strength by worrying it starts to grow. The words "I think" or "what if" start to replace the truth that is right with us. Or even in front of us. How often has a debilitating thought end up being nothing at all? Too often. That is why we need to let go of that negativity.

  2. Boundaries. This one is huge. It helps us protect us. Gives us the space we deserve and need. It is ok to say no to the 35th party. And curl up and fade into the land of Netflix. But if this is the call. Put the phone away. Because the scroll will get us. The FOMO will eat us alive.

  3. Morning routine. This one is my go to. The moment the wheels fall of the wagon. We forget to take us time. And the couch and Netflix wins, usually with a scroll so heavy our thumbs begin to get sore. The morning routine doesn't have to be much. Just move. 20 minutes. And once again, let the phone sit.

  4. CBD. This one has helped me take the edge off. The dosage can vary from person to person. But for me. At 180 pounds. I am taking 120 - 135 milligrams per day. It has allowed me to stay out of the rabbit hole and more present.

  5. Breathing. Sounds funny to read, right? We have to breathe or we die. But do you ever notice when we get all worked up. The breath is either short or non existent? This puts our nervous system into fight or flight mode. Kicking in that lovely ego and causing us to. React. Long exhales. That is the trick. Breathe all the air out. Don't worry about the inhale. I promise the body will make sure that happens. Do 1. Then 2. And keep going. Focus on breathing all the air out. If you can get to 3. Try getting to 5. This can be done in the car. Or at home. Office. Wherever. But this is the game changer.

One of my new approaches is taking something, that we view as virtually impossible and face it head on. And this is why it is a great time to change up what has not been working in our lives and try something outside the box.

It is why you'll find me taking an ice bath before the turkey. And sitting in front of the fire breathing like I'm about to give birth. Because this is what keeps me smiling. And in the moment.

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