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Lessons: From the Water

Freedom to Roam.

No real ties holding me to one place for too long. A few meetings set up to see friends, talk a little business and get on the water. For the last 34 days, this has been my world.

Nomadic. As some my call it. To me just another day seeing and learning what this world has in store for me. And it has been my life for the past five years.

But last night. After an amazing day on the water with a friend. Searching for a hotel. The mind took over, putting the question in my mind.

“What the hell am I doing?”

A Solid Night Sleep.

The smell of Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee overtaking the stale hotel room aroma. Creativity regaining a hold over the naysayer mindset. Following suit of the coffee. Putting negative thoughts out.

Throughout the past 4 weeks and 6 days. The trip delivered some radical things. A Thanksgiving grocery list worth.

And the negative list. Non existent.

But for whatever reason. Maybe fatigue. Or a lost hotel reservation. Set it off. Spiraling the mind into a dark space.

Why Does This Matter?

Authenticity. It is a word that has come into my world many times. And most recently today. I was going to draft up a blog saying how awesome my paddle on the Peace River was yesterday. Which is coming up next.

However I wanted to share a story of a realness. Simply because our scroll through worlds are filled with glamour. A highlight reel.

But we are humans. Who have heavy days. And that is perfectly alright.

The Lesson from a Unique Place.

As I chatted with a good friend today. I was talking about stand up paddleboard fishing. And it sparked this blog. My last trip was the best fishing experience ever. Landing the biggest fish on one day. And the most fish on the next. But soon followed up by two days of nothing. Even though it saw the most time on the water.

It reminded me that during these slow times. Better referred to as bad fishing days. There always is something to take away. Maybe it was seeing the beaver diligently working. Or the real snowbirds of Florida, Sandhill Cranes circling and finding there winter home.

But beyond all that. And as my Dad mentioned while I was bragging about how good the fishing was. To enjoy the good. When it is good.  As it will end.

This could not be more true. In all things.

The Good is Always Close By.

As I sit here today. Grounded. Connected. And inspired. I chuckle a bit about yesterday. As I saw some of the most surreal things. In a new place. With a good friend.

But had a pity party at night. Because life wasn’t perfectly in line. And there were a lot of unknowns.

The unknowns. Still exist. The pity party is about to turn into a real life, fist pumping, holiday infused rager. As the next adventure is planned.

On the road again. The destination known. The results not. But fun and laughs will be had.

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