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Lessons from Learning: Teaching as a Student.

That Uncomfortable Feeling.

There’s this feeling. The one that takes the stomach. Turns it upside down. We begin to uncomfortably swallow. And even sweat a bit.

And it happens when we stray from our comfort zone. Trying something new.

Whether it is walking into that new job. First yoga class or trying stand up paddleboarding. Our mind has put us in this place. Of fear.

One that almost prevents us from exploring this new activity.

Arms Wide Open Welcoming.

Over the past few years I have made it a point to learn something new. Even at the age of 38. Sometimes it comes with research. Other times it is just impulse.

The main reason behind it is to reconnect with learning. Putting myself back into a place of being a beginner at something. Going through the mental and physical attributes that accompany these new endeavors. And ultimately eating a big piece of humble pie.

During these ventures. There is always one common thread. An arms wide open welcoming from the instructor. And shortly there after the community that surrounds these sports.

The Fears of Learning.

Our minds love to tell us how wrong the entire process will go. From being eaten by that shark in the lake or the person next to us who is way better. The stories spiral out of control pushing us back into our comfortable little space.

After watching Gary Vaynerchuck vlog this morning about the fears of doing something. It inspired this blog. And opened my eyes to my teachings. Of yoga and paddling.

Spreads into my Teaching.

Some of you have taken my classes. Others may not even know I teach. But years back I stumbled into teaching. I truly love sharing my knowledge and time with everyone. From the on water dance parties at Wanderlust to the in-depth paddle clinics.

The lessons described above. Have weaved their way into my approach to sharing these passions. With the simple goal of inspiring each person that steps into the studio or on the water.

Today as I write this I am getting ready to head out on the road for the summer. Teaching at Wanderlust Festivalsand a few clinics around the Northeast.

Before I head out, just under a week from my departure date. I’m getting back into the paddle side with the Jupiter paddle community. And if you are in South Florida I’d love to see you tonight.

Teaching Schedule.

I’ll be adding a detailed schedule within the week of where, when and how. Please reach out if you have any interest in having me teach in your community as I’d love to make it there.

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