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  • Jeramie Vaine

Lac Tremblant and Wanderlust.

The Village Scene.

The pastel colors of the buildings. Stick out like Easter Eggs. Hidden in the forrest. And plush green hills surround the vibrant colors of the village. Just like that of grass in an Easter Egg basket. And at the base of the mountain. Water surrounds the village like that of a moat. But this moat is a welcoming body of water. Connecting Lac Tremblant to the lily pad filled waterways.

Along with the colors and landscape. The romantic french language fills the air. But it is not the only one. The village of Mont Tremblant. Is a travelers destination. Which brings numerous other languages along with the people who speak them.

This unique place, is the home to Wanderlust Tremblant.

Lac Tremblant.

Across the street. And just a brief walk off the main cobble stone road. That leads down the middle of the village. Is an 11 kilometer, just under 7 miles, lake. This lake bares the same name as the village. But with the French word for lake in front of it.

Lac Tremblant.

With crystal clear water. And abundant wildlife. From deers on the bank to loons, geese and ducks swimming on the surface. To a healthy fish population below. Lake goers also spend ample amounts of time enjoying the water itself. With a designated swimming area that includes a lap lane.

Just outside of the swimming area. Where the sandy, shallow shoal extends out into the lake. Is where the Floating Studio for Wanderlust comes to life.

40 boards spread out in two areas. Creating two individual v shapes. With 10 boards on each arm of the v. Connected from the front and back. And anchored. Are what allows the shape to stay constant. Even during the ever changing conditions of the lake surface. And with students moving through their poses.

The trails and chairlifts extending upward to the summit of the mountain. And the rolling tree lined hills. Make up the view from the water.

Nature and the playful lake life are the sounds that fill the area. Providing the perfect, picturesque setting for a stand up paddleboard yoga class.

The Festival Experience.

I truly enjoy teaching SUP yoga. No matter the location. And Wanderlust Festival is no different. Watching the students slowly make their way onto the beach. Seeing the mixed bag of emotions worn on their faces. From sheer excitement to fear. Then having the opportunity to connect and share a passion of mine. And possible help someone overcome a fear. Or learn something they once thought was impossible.

Is what brings me to life.

The classes at Wanderlust Tremblant were filled with the contagious energy. And even though I do not speak french. For the hour plus we shared the water together. Our movements through the yoga poses. Would reveal that there was no language barrier at all. We were all synergistically connected. Enjoying an experience, overcoming the barriers created by our minds.

This festival ended the year of Wanderlusts for me. And it was the perfect way to do so. Every moment over the summer was one I’ll carry with me forever. Each student. Person. Teacher that passes through always leaves a lasting impression.

And it is what inspires me to come back to the water to share my passion of teaching.

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