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  • Jeramie Vaine

Group Paddle Training. Jupiter Paddling Community.

A Bit of Motivation.

The alarm goes off. And we hit the snooze button. Again. And again. We have no motivation to get out of bed. The minds foggy. But strong enough to tell us to sleep more.

These days are the ones where we need a bit of motivation to push us. To overcome the mind and the comfy world it has created for us.

For me I have found this motivation in a few places. Some come from the desire to succeed. But my favorite and the most powerful.

The connection to a community.

Group Training.

Arriving in Jupiter this past January I knew there was a lot of paddlers. But what I didn’t know much about.

The community.

In a matter of days. The community took me in. And I found myself paddling with a group of fun, like minded individuals. All at different ability levels. But with the connection to loving the water.

Over the weeks Tuesday Night Race League became a meeting place. Then the Thursday Night Race League. And then other paddles, some organized some just people getting together.

Last week Sam English and myself wanted to give back to those who always support us. We put together a informal clinic where paddlers of all levels came together. An open forum presented itself and we dove into the topics the group wanted to hear.

We saw people improve their paddling. And move through the water a bit more efficiently. All while keeping that fun community spirit together.


As I get ready to head north for the summer. The feeling that this night on the water provided. Is something I’ll take with me and share during my travels. It truly is the main reason why I love this sport. And continue to pursue it.

The reminder that age, ability or equipment doesn’t matter. Just the fact of being here. On the water.

These past 6 months have come and gone so quickly. But this community has solidified a spot in my heart. And it is all because of the people who make up this community.

Thanks to Greg Panas for coming out and shooting the photos from the night. To Adam and Matt of Blueline Surf and Paddle for always supporting the ideas that we throw at you. Sam English for motivating me to get on the water and putting this event on the calendar.

And to everyone apart of this community. Truly honored to be able to meet and paddle with you all.

Excited to see everyone on the water and paddle with you all again soon.


Below is the video from the night on the water.

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