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Giving. A Simple Way to Change Our Day.

"To make a present of."

Defining the word give. I'm not much for definitions straight out the book, well off the google search. But this one resonated with me. No matter what we give, it is a present. From us to them. Whether we do it face to face smiling. Or anonymously.

With the spirit of giving over in the holiday sense. I felt inspired write about a day that started a trend a while back. "Giving Tuesday."

Supporting hashtag activism, on the first Tuesday in December back in 2012. Giving Tuesday was created. It provided those that wanted to give to their favorite organizations an avenue.

I wanted to share this blog. Even though I started in back in December, and now in February I am releasing it. The reason why is the act of giving has so much power. Not only for the person or organization receiving, but those that give. There is something in all of us where when we give, we feel great.

Over the past few months I wrote a few blogs on doing just this. And recently I have connected with some great friends who are giving in many ways. The thought of giving is always one that I carry with me and I have also been doing it, in the ways that resonate with me.

The beauty of giving is that there is not right or wrong. It does not matter on whether it is monetary, a compliment or a gift in the physical sense. The act is what it is all about.

Leaving me to share a quote that I summarized from my sister.

"When we give, it is not about the present, but about the presence."

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