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Floating Yoga in the Mountains. Wanderlust Festival Squaw Valley.

“I’ve never done this on land before.”

The 20 stand up paddleboards. Neatly stretched across the snowmaking pond. Sat at base of Alpine Meadows. Whose mountains surrounded us in a panoramic fashion. With their peaks, some with snow most without. Reached high into bluebird sky.

This was the setting for SUP Yoga at Wanderlust Squaw Valley. The tenth anniversary.

Wanderlust Festival.

The festival that the team from Wanderlust puts together is something special. Participants. Teachers. Volunteers. And staff. Assemble from across the globe. Descending on a mountain, for a 4 day mindfulness festival.

With hikes. Music. Dinners. And a multitude of yoga disciplines. All available for students to experience. It always provides and delivers and experience that leaves all of us. Smiling and grateful for our time in the mountains.

SUP Yoga.

One of the disciplines of yoga offered at Wanderlust. Is stand up paddleboard yoga also known as SUP Yoga. And it is one that truly connects with my heart. As both stand up paddling and yoga have changed my life. And both joined my world in a very unique way, but with a common link. The water.

Having the opportunity to share this love. With so many individuals. Is truly and honor. And on the 10 year anniversary this festival did not disappoint.

With classes spanning the 4 days, Thursday to Sunday. Each classes energy and vibe was unique yet very similar. Their were many laughs, even at my jokes that were less than funny. Dance parties on the water. Hugs. Selfies. And my personal favorite takeaway. Students exploring and overcoming poses they haven’t tried in the studio.

Over the past four years of teaching SUP Yoga. This last piece is what inspires me to continue teaching and sharing my love. As well as practicing on the water. On many instances the opening quote has been said to me on our paddle back to the beach. “I’ve never tried that on land”. Or another favorite. “I can’t do that on land.”

Those quotes always leave put the biggest smile on my face. Joining the person’s, who just spoke those powerful words.

A Memorable Experience.

After each festival I begin to revisit some of my moments of the weekend. Not to compare but to relive. As many of them are so inspirational that they help me put together blogs like this one. Looking over photos. Reading instagram posts. It all has a feeling. One so special that I struggle to describe in words.

One so strong. That I continue to smile and become giddy, like a school boy, about the next festival. One week away in the mountains of British Columbia. Whistler Blackomb.

And I’m confident. Like the last three. Whistler will deliver another life changing experience.


The following links are from SUP yoga classes. They are linked to the albums on my Facebook page. Feel free to tag yourself and use them. They were taken by my good friend and fellow SUP Yoga teacher, Chris Martindale.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday SUP yoga classes at Wanderlust Festival Squaw Valley.

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