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  • Jeramie Vaine

Finding the Place to Stand Up Paddle.

Where can we Stand Up Paddleboard?

New England lakes. The Pacific Ocean of Southern California. Mountain top ponds in British Columbia. The Cumberland River in Nashville Tennessee. And the waters of the Caribbean Islands.

What do the bodies of water all have in common. They are places we can visit and see from the water. All through the sport of stand up paddleboarding. Whether we travel with and inflatable stand up paddleboard. Or rent from the local shop. Getting out on the water to see nature is becoming easier and easier.

This list of destinations is only an example of places we can paddle. With a bit of research. And sometimes local knowledge we can find bodies of water close to home. Or the far reaches of the planet. All waiting to be paddled.

Finding the Community of Paddlers.

As we being our research to track down the spot to paddle. Whether it is our first time or we are a seasoned paddler. Having the connection to the locals is key. My favorite part of paddling is the arms wide open feeling that the paddle community greets us with. No matter the ability level, language we speak or if we are locals or tourists.

Over the years this single component of the paddling community is what has made the experience so special. Meeting people for the first time. And then moments letter being led out onto their favorite body of water then into some remote area that Google Earth can’t even showcase.

After the paddle and guided on the water tour. It continues on the land to the best local food spots.

This experience happens at impromptu paddle gatherings, but also at events and races. Making these type of events great ways to meet new people and try paddling in a unique way.

Getting to the water.

With the 2018 season winding down. And winter sliding in, many parts of North America. It is a great time to research some trips for the upcoming year. For those of us that live in the cold. A winter getaway to the land of palm trees can be the perfect way to escape the cold. But also provide a chance to get on the water in a new area.

This winter I’ll be heading down to Jupiter, Florida. And one of the main reasons is because of the group of people I am able to paddle with. Whether it is for the competitive side of racing, the relaxation side of exploring the mangroves, the health and wellness of SUP yoga or the wildlife side of paddleboard fishing. Each one has people always looking to join in on the fun and share their local information.

If stand up paddleboarding is something of interest, reach out and I can help connect you with a local in your area. Or for those of you that would like to flock south, I’d love to have you down to join me on the water.

Hope to see you soon. And keep and eye on my social media for up coming events, clinics and demos.

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