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Family Vacation: Siesta Key, Florida

Beach Days.

Beach party. Hanging at the Sand Bar with everyone.

Giggles. Little voices. The warmth of the Florida sun. And sand that looks more like sugar than beach sand.

It is an annual trip. One that started a few years back.

Six years ago.

Friends. Family. All gathering in Siesta Key. For a relaxing time.


Family Dinner.

A tradition, served up.

Stand up paddling. Cornhole. Cards. And stories of the past. Fill the hours of the day on the beach. But it doesn’t stop there.

Just after the sunset we regroup. And continue where we left off. In a different setting. But one that leaves our bellys full our faces smiling.

Having two restaurant owners in the crowd. We are fortunate to enjoy some of the best meals. Put together from scratch. Seafood. Prime Rib. Veggies. They cover all the bases. And never disappoint.

But there is another tradition that was created a few years back.

Thanksgiving Dinner.

My Mom along with help from my Brother in-law and a few others. Put together a feast that rivals any holiday meal. About 15 of us sitting down for dinner. Giving us all an opportunity to get together and celebrate another year of friendship and good times.

Family Tradition.

For the last six years this trip has been one of my favorites. What started with my sister and brother in-law getting married. Has blossomed into a family filled week. One that brings us together. Laughing. Soaking up the sun. And enjoying each others companies to the fullest.

It is a trip we talk about for years. And the stories always bring the smiles and thoughts of warm weather back. Even on the cold nights of the New England winter.

As I sit here to write. My nephews and niece roam around the condo. It dawns on me that they have had the fortunate opportunity to experience this setting. The beach lifestyle. Since day 1.

It now has forged a place into their lives. And a love for it.

Future stand up paddler. Photo by Marissa Williams.
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