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Fall Slow Down

Blending of passions.

The perfect blend. Exploring. Solitude. And a test of patience.

After an action packed year on the water. I have decided to take some time. To slow down. And soak up as much as my time in nature as possible.

SUP Fishing. Has been the perfect solution.

An excited largemouth bass visits me as I fish from the paddleboard.

The elements.

It has provided more time on the water. Exploring and connecting with nature. And combined all the elements that I love in stand up paddling.

The paddle out has been the perfect balance to keep me tuned in with training and my fitness. And the same goes for the time standing and fishing. As I’m standing for at least 30 minutes.

Then the nature part. The scenery itself has been mind blowing. Plus having to learn a bit more about the water I’m on. Understanding currents. Wind. And where the fish may be hanging out.

The last piece. Is all yoga. Each cast forces us to  be in the moment. And to have patience. It could be hours or days before a fish decides to take gander at what is dangling at the end of the line. But when it does. If our mind is in a far off land. We may miss that long awaited opportunity.

Mornings are greeted with fog. And a sunrise. Heading out on the water for SUP fishing

Fall in New England.

Living in New England for the summer change is part of the routine. And over the past few weeks. Nature has put on some spectacular displays. On the days I have come up empty handed there has been something that replaced the gratification of the catch.

Sunrise. A fog covered lake. Wild animals. And the sounds of a changing world.

In the past few weeks I’ve logged more hours fishing than I have in the last 20 years. The fish have been fun.

But this connection with my surroundings are what keep me going back to the water.

Lake Monomonac just before sunset.
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