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Exploring Nature During the Colder Months

The cool weather is here. And it is one of my favorite times to explore. Whether by land, water or a bit of both.

Growing up in New England this was something that was engrained in us. However after taking a hiatus from winter, about 8 years worth. I've found myself reconnecting with the activities that I enjoyed. As well as involving some of my warm weather activities, into the colder months.

Here are a few tips on how to enjoy nature during this time of the year.

Picking the cold weather activity.

With the white stuff scattered all around us. And the temperatures acting like a yo yo. Dipping below freezing then back above. It is easy to throw our hands in the air and just enjoy the confines of the warm fire place. But there is always something to enjoy here in New England. Some of us flock to the mountains to head down on a snowboard or skis. Others enjoy it via sled or tubes. If the adrenaline rush aspect isn't for you. A hike in the woods is a great option. Or adding snowshoes for those areas that have snow piled up from the early season storms. Cross Country skiing is also another way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. For those that are not afraid of the cold water, surfing and paddling also provide great options to experience New England.

Find the location to explore. Google searches are great. But also checking in with local shops are helpful. Many will have Social Media pages showcasing the services they offer as well as the locations. You can always check the yelp reviews and websites to ensure they are offering cold weather getaways. Most of them will also have equipment available for rent. Making the experience that much easier. Local clubs are also great resources as they are up to speed with current conditions and the best spots to visit.

Dressing for the adventure. This one sounds simple but we often overlook simple things such as cold temperatures and comfortable clothing that allows us to move. No one wants to look and feel like Ralphie from a Christmas Story. Check the weather, especially the hourly and wind. These are key to making sure the day is not ruined by being cold and miserable. As for your feet, this is the most important part to remember. When we have to step into the water due to an unforeseen circumstance, having wet feet is not the outcome we want to deal with. It can ruin the day and also but us in a dangerous spot.

Winter does not have to be a time to hide in doors. Nature has plenty of fun adventures hidden. And the seasons can change a place from something that may have never sparked our attention. To a day of fun.

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