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  • Jeramie Vaine

Evening Cruise: Downtown Nashville

Connection to Water.

The connection to water. It extends back through history. Building camp sites. Then villages. Towns. And eventually cities around bodies of water. Where they serve as a life line. A way to travel. Provide food. And ultimately thrive as a society.

As our needs for the water has slight changed. We still find ourselves flocking to the water. And this past weekend this connection revealed itself. In a city rich with history.

Nashville, Tennessee

Paddling down the Cumberland River. The sounds of laughter, good times and country music filled the air. The sun slowly drifted behind the cityscape. Filling the sky with a golden hue. The Nissan Stadium home of the Tennessee Titans to the east. And the world famous Acme Feed & Seed, still holding onto its historic roots in the namesake, on the west bank. People filled the roof top deck celebrating the sunset and another beautiful day in Nashville.

As we drifted with the gentle current of the mighty Cumberland. Zig zagging from the east to west sides of the river. Taking in the beautiful city from the water.

Eight paddlers all together. Led by the team from Paddle Up Nashville.

The patrons of the roof top pubs and surrounding restaurants turned their attention to the water. And those who were soaking up the last few moments of sunshine, on the banks of the Cumberland, also took notice of a group of people. Standing on the water.

An Evening on the River.

On the paddle back we passed boaters. Other stand up paddlers. And the Pontoon Saloon, just like the name depicts a bar on a pontoon boat. They were as excited to be on the water as we were. Hooting and hollering as the passed by. Taking photos. Waving. And together we celebrated a day on the river.

With the sunsetting. And the night sliding in. Our boards began to glow from the solar lights we attached to them. It was a surreal moment. One where my good friend and Co-Owner of Paddle Up Nashville, Neil Newton. Took in as we chatted about the sport of stand up paddling. And how fortunate we were to be able to be in this place. Around so many great individuals.

Fun on the Water.

Hundreds of miles away from the ocean. Many would never think of enjoying the river in the way we did. And I am grateful for the impromptu idea that Cindy Sorci Co-owner of Paddle Up Nashville put together.

It solidified how no matter where we are, the water is their for us. Providing a unique form of enjoyment. Reconnecting us with something that lies deep within our DNA.

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