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Embracing Change and The Next Chapter.

The trees' leaves. Red. Yellow. Orange. A vibrant display of colors. Showing off to the world. For the last big celebration of the year.

Growing up in New England. This reminder used to upset me. As it was the signaling of the end of summer. No more time on the water. Doing the things I loved. This year. My perspective has changed.

Celebrating a summer. And embracing the change that fall is brining in. This year, different than the previous 11 years, I will embrace a New England Winter. Many have asked why I would do this, stay in the cold, deal with the snow, ice and non palm tree filled days.

The answer took some time to comprehend.

“Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives.” — Tony Robbins

Over the last eight years, I entered into a world that I called my "dream job." I spent more time on the water and outside. I traveled throughout North America. Tried new things. Met lifelong friends along the way. And shoveled snow, less than a handful of times. Along with these journeys I learned. About life. Business. And most importantly and recently, balance.


It has become the focus of my recent self exploration. And has inspired me to tap into what the quote Tony Robbins spoke of.

As I would share stories of the past, present and where tomorrow brings with others. I found myself living a life for everyone else. Not for me. I would post on social media for "my audience." Travel to events for the community. And more often than not, do things for me.

I saw these behaviors trickle over into my personal life as well. Something as simple as fishing. Surfing. Or watching the Bruins. I would make sure I had the right clothing on. The right hat on. And always with a camera at the end of the paddle. Or in my hand. Instead of enjoying the moment. I had to capture the perfect image to tell a story.

As a new role has emerged in my life. I have began to create a new outlook and focus on work and life balance. And do things that I want to do from a personal stand point. Not blurring the lines of work and personal.

I am challenging my self on the beliefs of working a dream job. And living a dream life. As both can be possible. But the later is always the goal.

Just as the trees celebrate with their colors. They also except the future of winter.

Balance and change. Are beautiful things. And I'm excited about the future with them both.

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