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Coaching, A Life Long Passion.

Adrenaline pumping. I charge towards the boat wake. The moment I feel my board start to rise off the water. My body stretches out, like Superman. Time seems to stand still as my momentum lifts me higher above the waters surface. In a flash. Gravity starts to do its thing. My body recoils. Board below me. And I land back on top of the water.

Wakeboarding's signature Air Raley photo by Cat Lemus
Air Raley up and over Photo by Cat Lemus

Wakeboarding. And the other sports behind the boat. Were the only watersports I knew before 2011. But Wakeboarding out of all of them. Provided me an outlet other sports couldn't. I was free to express myself. And in charge of my own destiny.

Behind the boat I felt at home. So comfortable. Not just riding.

But as a coach.

I loved teaching people how to wakeboard. Especially those that thought they could never get up and ride. We changed that. As they stood on top of the water with an ear to ear smile.

It wasn't just the beginners. I loved working with people who wanted to learn the tougher tricks. Flips, spins and the Air Raley, the Superman looking pose I described earlier.

This journey of coaching started young. Before I had a drivers license. And continued into my late 20s.

In 2010 I found myself unable to spend the time I wanted behind the boat. Coaching or riding. And I was living in the Mecca of wakeboaring, Orlando, FL.

After fighting an uphill battle of trying to support an expensive hobby, I found myself in a scenario to leave Florida and head back north to New England. But as the universe loves to deliver for us, a dear friend in the wakeboarding community, extended an invite. He asked me to come out and stand up paddleboard. I found myself out on the glassy lakes once again. But I was not nearly as excited as when I was behind the boat. Boats would pass by and I would drift off into a day dream of being behind them. And I rolled my eyes at this thing called stand up paddling.

The genuine excitement that David Rose and Ned Johnson had for paddling. Began to infiltrate into my life. Their passion was contagious. And they taught me the nuances of how to teach someone to stand up paddle. The biggest takeaway I left with was fun. Keep it fun.

This experience with Paddleboard Orlando was just what I needed to excite me for another way to enjoy the water. And to follow a dream. It was the start for me and one I am forever grateful for. As I would not be at the place I am today.

As I begin to unfold the coaching aspect of my business. The fun aspect will always weave its way in. Whether teaching racing strategy, yoga and meditation or how to paddle. Our lives are riddled with stressors, and when we can expose ourselves to the lighter side of life we began to melt away those barriers. Allowing us to grow as individuals and learn.

If you are interested in learning more about stand up paddling, yoga, mindfulness, breathing, meditation, surfing and foiling. Please reach out. I am here to help, whether it be to answer a few questions or host a workshop, clinic or retreat.

I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead of sharing, growing, learning and teaching.

SUP yoga at Wanderlust Festival in Squaw Valley photo by Allyson Lynch
Yoga on the water at Squaw Valley for Wanderlust, photo by Allyson Lynch

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