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Changing Social Media, One Uplifting Post at a Time.

Over the Friday I was scrolling. On every form of social media. Fast enough my screen looked like a slot machine. And just like those slot machines, I was hoping my luck would land me on a funny or inspirational post. And it did just that.

However the universe delivered the best combo. First it was my good friends post, Troy Nebeker, the founder and creator of Monster and Sea sharing #gobecauseyoucan. The second, Wayne Buckingham, doing 20 push ups for Wally as he fights with cancer. But wants us all to stay active for him.

These posts were heartfelt. And inspired me in a few ways. The first piece of inspiration. Put my phone down. And put my wetsuit on and get a workout in. The second. To share what we can do during this unique time in our life.

As mainstream media and social media begins to fill the world with not so exciting news. I'm asking all of us to find a cause. Something you believe in. Are passionate about. And share that on Social Media. For me it is the two things I mentioned above. Go Because You Can. And 20 for Wally.

Today as I was contemplating what to write. The first post I came across was legendary Paddler, Big Wave Surfer and solid human, Jamie Mitchell. Where he and his little one did 20 for Wally. The next was another dear friend and amazing human Anthony Vela, showing the Performance Paddling crew doing 20 for Wally. Before I could scroll anymore I knew what message I wanted to send to as many people as I could. Let's fill Social Media with the positive uplifting and fun messages.

Plank challenges. 20 for Wally. Going Because You Can. And so on. There is an overwhelming amount of free online classes available for us to stay active and strong. And keep the mind occupied and stimulated without being overcome by the other messages out there.

Today let's start by posting our activities. Even if it is a 1 minute walk to the mailbox. Or 5 rounds of deep breaths. Share what we are doing to stay mentally strong during this social disturbance. Let's inspire others to do the same. And fill our worlds with a positive outlook. And I'll leave you all with this.


For all those affected by the virus or any other ailments. We have our health. And we can do something. Imagine being one of those who can't. They'd give anything to walk outdoors. Take 5 deep breaths. Do a plank challenge. Or 20 pushups. Let's change Social Media today. And raise the vibration of life.

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