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Book Release.

Sharing the Passion Through Writing.

Writing was never my thing. But sharing my passion. And communicating with people as a teacher and coach has always been. The thing I love most.

When an opportunity came up to contribute a chapter in a book. I was beyond humbled. And honored.

“Yoga for Surfing” – Tips, Techniques, and Living the Flow State.

Growing up on a lake in Massachusetts the flow state. That feeling where the effort is also surreal. And everything moves perfectly. Without thought or force. Was not found through the ocean. But on the lake. My eyes were opened to this as a teenager but never understood what it actually was. Until I began to write about it.

The book will launch on October 1st. But can be preordered on Amazon now. If it sounds like something of interest give it a read. Or feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

In the book we describe yoga poses. Both sup yoga and traditional yoga. That help us stay in tune with the flow state. Yoga has been my biggest contributor to the flow state. And continues to open doors and my eyes to additional ways of finding the flow state.


Here’s a Facebook live I did about the book.

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