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Boat Day. Finding My Winter Home.

Hospitality at it’s Finest.

Boat full of gas. Cooler filled. And iced.

And the warm waters of the east coast of Florida.


Last week I spent sometime with some great friends. Who like many others in this community. Took me in their home and under their wing.

We visited local restaurants. Hit up tennis practice. And stopped by the Blueline Surf & Paddle Pajama Christmas Party.

But the fun didn’t stop there.

As Sunday rolled around. The real fun began.

Boat Day.

Having the fortunate opportunity to grow up around the water and boats. Boat life has been a huge part of my life.

And there’s a good chance. I’ve spent more time in a boat than stand up paddleboarding. Surprisingly enough.

So turning down a boat day, especially Sunday Funday edition, is nearly impossible.

My good friend AJ and his two daughters, Fiona and Clover. Showed me around Jupiter. From the water. And it was the perfect perspective.

The beautiful homes. Landscapes. Lighthouse. Restaurants. And hangout spots.

As we pulled into one of these hangouts. We met up with a handful of other friends. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Celebrating Sunday Funday on the water.

But it didn’t stop here. We pulled up the anchor. Pushed off the sand bar. Our destination was a bit unknown. We were looking for a bit of food to tie us over for the afternoon. And we stumbled across the perfect spot.

A pontoon boat. Set up as a restaurant. And as the saying goes, “never judge a book by its cover.” This humble floating kitchen, delivered an epic meal. Fresh tuna sandwiches, not from the can. But, fresh from the Atlantic Ocean.

The taste supported the claim. Delicious.

With full bellys and smiles on our face we wrapped up the day.

Winter Home.

Leaving Southern California just over a year ago. I’ve been a nomad. Calling the house I grew up home. But the winter, as much as I love the snow. Isn’t really conducive to supporting my passion. And my career in the stand up paddleboard industry.

After last winter, four months in the Caribbean on St. Croix. I thought I found my winter get away. That was until a horrific Hurricane season through a curve ball into my plans. After chatting with my friends on the island I made the decision to stay on the main land and visit the islands.

But it left a void. Where to spend the winter.

Talking with my good friend and my Sunday Funday tour guide, AJ. The universe delivered. And I could not be more excited.

Jupiter, Florida will be my home for the next 5 or 6 months. Thanks to my group of solid friends.

Another new place to call home. In a radical place.

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