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Becoming Comfortable in the Water.

I can't recall the exact date or the words. But the overall messaging of the conversation grabbed my attention, and more importantly my passion.

It was after Tuesday Night Race League, we were indulging on a few beers. The conversation came up about drafting, surfing boat wakes and how to get to the finish line as quickly but while having the most fun.

This conversation resulted in a morning paddle, sunrise edition.

Fast forward to today, this group is growing and meeting two times a week. Thursday and Saturday at 7 am. The location changes depending on the weather but the result is always consistent, smiles with a sunrise.

What I have learned over the past year is how excited everyone is to paddle. But the excitement can quickly become curbed due to the varying water conditions that Jupiter offers.

This class, called Paddle Practice, is aimed at easing that tension and fear by practicing scenarios that help us overcome the trying conditions. The practices consist of a bit of everything, from turning techniques, paddling techniques and even more advanced skills such as riding a boat wake, drafting a fellow paddler or even catch a downwinder. We are also working on how to catch waves, understand the rules of the road when surfing and how to be safe.

Each week we meet up the one thing that is always consistent is the infectious energy. Smiles, laughs and camaraderie are the glue that holds this crew together and what lures new paddlers in.

We would love to have you join us for a session. And if you don't have a board, it is no problem we can rent you one as my friends at Blueline have been amazingly supportive in helping me share this passion.

If you are in Jupiter or are traveling here join us on the water for a fun filled sunrise session.

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