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  • Jeramie Vaine

Beachside Fire. The Wanderlust Stratton Experience.

Beachside Fire.

The crackling. Warmth. And the aroma that follows. There is something about gathering around a camp fire. Especially at the beach.

And this past weekend. As we left the water. This was what we were greeted with. Along with numerous smiling faces. Chatting about their experiences.

An Experience to Remember.

Wanderlust Festivals always delivers something unexpected. Maybe it is because of the people in attendance. The staff. Teachers. Or venues.

Most likely it is a bit of the whole package.

In Stratton, Vermont this past weekend. Mother Nature brought us three picture perfect New England days. Warm weather. Light wind.

The one day. It was unlike the rest. Raw. Cold.

Not a beach day.

But for some reason. This day sparked something inside of everyone. We saw people swimming in the warm water. Then to greet the brisk mountain air with a smile. During one of the students arrival to the tent. Sarah Tiefenthalerreached out to the team at Wanderlust. And moments later.

We had a fire.

Wanderlust Festival Stratton Mountain.

In typical festival fashion. This was not the only highlight that occurred at Stratton Mountain over the four days.

We had people over come their fear of the water. Try yoga for the first time. Learn how to do a headstand on a paddleboard. And experience the silent disco with friends.

But this moment. Provided a glimpse into the people who are involved in this operation. And how something as small as a fire pit. Change the attitude. And the experience.

When talking about the four days. The cold raw Saturday blends in with the warm days. For the simple reason it was just as fun as the sun bleached ones. And we actually saw more people swimming than on the other days. Even with a 20 degree temperature drop.

The Favorite Festival.

Having the opportunity to attend these festivals always is a dream come true. And many people ask which is my favorite. That question is constantly a struggle. For the simple reason that each event seems to turn on in its on special way. And shine the brightest light. Even when Mother Nature or other forces try and rain on our parade.

After these four days. It was hard leaving. But knowing that there are three more opportunities to repeat this one. And Wanderlust Snowshoe. It is hard not to keep smiling.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Wanderlust Squaw Valley – July 19th – 22nd Wanderlust Whistler BC – August 2nd – 5th Wanderlust Tremblant, Quebec – August 23rd – 26th

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