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  • Jeramie Vaine

Beach Day. Sunshine SUP Series.

Memories Worth Sharing.

Those little reminders that pop up on our Facebook. The ones that bring an instant smile to our faces. And so much joy that we hit that little share button. To share that moment with those who also remember it.

This past weekend was one of those ones I wanted to share. As the reminder. Brought me back about 6 years ago. Brand new into the stand up paddling world.

Lining up on the beach in South Florida. Heading out to do a course race with a beach run. Reminisce of the Battle of the Paddle.

Along with the course. And location. The people is what made me think back to the “old days”. Many of the people who helped me get my start in the sport where there. Some racing. Others organizing. And some just there to cheer us on. All and all it was a great sight to see.

A Day at the Beach.

Our sport has a pretty unique setting. Gathering at a beautiful location. Getting a workout it. Hanging with friends. Meeting new ones.

This past weekend at the RK Sunshine SUP Series we had all of these covered.

Pompano Beach, a family friendly location. Where the crystal clear water is just steps away from where we laid our boards. Booths were set up. A stage constructed. Obstacle course made. All just behind us on the beach. And a spectator friendly course. That any level of paddler could safely enjoy.

After we had our fun on the water. And just like any ordinary beach day. We listened to music. Had food. And enjoyed some cold beverages. Providing a perfect day on and off the water.

Not just SUP Racing.

One of the best parts of this venue is the beachgoers watching us navigate the course. And run up on the beach. Heading back out on the water. Many watch with excitement. Others unsure of what they are seeing. Pondering the idea if they can even stand up on one of these surfboard looking things.

After a few conversations. And some laughs more and more people begin to entertain the idea of getting on the water. Maybe not to race. But to see if they can paddle out and experience what we do.

Along these same lines. While we are out on the water paddling the course. People are testing their fitness on a beach crossfit course. Becoming zen at a beach yoga class. And over a 100 strong, head out to chase the South Florida fish for the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament.

It is the perfect blend of enthusiasts all gathered together. Enjoying a beautiful day at the beach.

The Community.

At the end of the day we all love to feel like we belong. And this sport does an amazing job at that. This weekend it was evident. For me personally the highlight was meeting new friends. Spending time talking about what I love. Sharing the same things that my friends did with me when I first started.

A big thank you goes out to all the people who make up this community driven event. Roray Kam, Victoria Burgessand their team who made it all possible.

Here is a link to a few people’s photos capturing the day at the beach.

Rick Iossi

Rachel Fergusson

Below are a few videos of the race itself showing the fun we had.

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