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An Affordable Fishing Boat

Six rods. Fish Finder. Tackle box holder. Multiple mounts for additional equipment. Costs under $2,000 Dollars. And it folds up into a back pack.

This is my bass boat. And sometimes my offshore fishing boat. It is a stand up paddleboard for fishing.

A few years back I started fishing from a stand up paddleboard (SUP) after my good friends Chris Hollingsworth and Ken Hoeve introduced me to the possibilities. Chris was catching bass from all types of paddle crafts and making it look fun. Ken was exploring rivers and Floridas inshore waters landing trophy fish. I tapped back into my childhood roots and paddled out on top of an SUP. Fumbled around and landed a few fish.

In time this blossomed into a full blown addiction. And now my fishing board catches the eye of seasoned anglers. As SUP Fishing is my main way to fish.

I have explored some big bodies of water and even the open ocean. It is not my favorite though. I prefer to stick to smaller, protected bodies of water. It helps keep the wind and waves from making the day a challenge. But also keeps me out of harms way. My go to are the lakes that are only accessible for non motorized crafts or ones that have limited access points. It provides me a way to explore bodies of water that other fishermen may not have a chance to fish. Upping my chances to catching fish rather than paddling around with my fishing poles.

Either way the experience of SUP Fishing is one I truly enjoy. On the days when the fish seem to be not interested, I do more exploring of the water. Soaking up the nature and checking out from reality. This has provided me with seeing some National Geographic like experiences. From Alligators swimming in front of me, Bull sharks swimming underneath me and Bald Eagles circling above. I also witnessed a few squirrels swimming across the lakes, which probably is the most interesting experience of all times.

Beyond the experiences in nature. Fishing from a paddleboard with the right set up can be possible for anyone. I have brought out friends new to paddling. And they have stayed dry and done great with casting and catching. If you are in a spot where small bodies of water are plentiful and they have either no boat ramps or restrictions. Giving Paddleboard fishing try is a great way to explore the water and possibly land a few trophy fish.

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