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Afraid to Learn, I am Going to Die Trying.

Learning. A skill we all should be good at. But often we run away from it like it is a toothy, mythical monster that will end our precious life.

Our justification and the story that is built up to support the why not. Is fueled about a nasty four letter word.


And I am not talking about the extremes, like sky diving. Or walking on a slack line high above the ground.

We say no to learning simple tasks. This no, limits our growth. Not as an adrenaline seeker, but as a human being. One of the most basics things we can do to help ourselves is to be the student and learn.

I have found myself in this exact place. But instead of saying a hard no, I skirt around the outside and avoid the new task. Allowing for the comfort zone to absorb me. But that all changed, three years ago. But over a month ago I took it to a whole new level.

Learning new things has become a part of my weekly task list. Some things have been big hurdles while others pretty small and easily obtainable. But as I have become more open to learning. The things I once viewed as a challenge now excite me.

What was the shift a month ago? Paddling a prone paddleboard for 32 miles. Yes this task was one that was daunting. And I did prepare and have a support group that was instrumental in making this all happen. However, this task, after I completed it. Was not nearly as intimidating as it sounds on a blog or an instagram post.

I now understand why so many people looked at it the way they did. And without even knowing, many put doubt into my mind by the comments that where uttered. Fortunately, I'm wired a bit different and since before I can remember, being told I can't do something, was the norm. Those comments became motivators. Not deterrents.

My 32 mile journey, turned into a mission. One to see how far and hard I could push myself. A personal quest.

The days after this life changing event. I started to look at learning as the most valuable tool in my arsenal. Not as an athlete. Or Coach. But a life line. Breaking the mold of comfort and routine and living outside the box.

I know you are about to tune out and end the scroll.

But this shit.

Is what you need to hear. Whether you want to make the next million or smash that time at the next race. Learning is the key to success.

The reason is simple. We do not know everything. And the moment we think we do. Our growth plateaus. It cost's us those deals, leaves dollars on the table and prevents us from getting through the barrier that our personal best leaves behind.

I have no idea what you should learn. But I am confident you do.

Maybe it is learning how to speak French. Send a Snapchat to your kids. Or learning how to surf, even at 50. Whatever is holding us back, acknowledge and sit with it. Maybe today isn't the day. But everyday we think about it, the desire burns inside. For those of us stuck in the cold, a summer hobby like kayaking could be the thing that we have always wanted to do. Start doing the research and planting the seed.

Taking it a step further. Start with the visualization. Dream that shit up. Write it down. And write about what thing, today, will bring us one step closer to it.

This exercise will make the tasks start to feel within reach. And one day, we will feel ready to make the plunge. Putting ourself out there, face to face with the fear. The result will be a special one, unique to us.

And one that will encouraging us to keep trying new shit. No matter our age or society's thoughts on the subject.

If you hit a road block and feel stuck. Shoot me a message. I'm here to help. And I'm happy to share a few more thoughts and tips on how to get around this obstacle.

This book helped me start the mental process of accepting learning, The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday.

Let the learning begin and be ready for a world to open up before your eyes! November brought me ice baths, spanish, breathwork and journaling. I'm excited for next weeks adventure into learning.

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