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A Workout on the Water. Tuesday Night Race League

This is why I paddle.

Outside. Amongst the songs that sweet nature sings. And the scenery that no camera will ever be able to capture. Nor will words ever do it justice.

Only being in this surreal setting. Will be able to explain. A connection. One so deep that it constantly pulls childhood memories. Bringing me back to the days of summer in a small New England town.

The water has played a huge part of my life. Since before I can remember. But seven years ago. Stumbling upon stand up paddling. My love for the water, both salt and fresh, has become something I never imagined.

Variety of Paddling.

Over the years I have dabbled in many of the various niches that stand up paddling offers. SUP racing, SUP yoga, SUP Fishing and SUP Surfing.

Each one always providing a different experience. But one connected to the freedom of being outside, exploring and surrounded by nature.

This feeling is as unique as the water we paddle upon. Each paddler views the experience through their own perspective and feels something that others may not. And this is what makes the experience so personal.

A Fun Workout.

With my world revolving around the water. It would make sense that I would work out on the water. But over the years I found myself in the gym training to paddle. And it was awesome.

Now with a few other passions and life pulling me in a few other directions. My gym time has suffered. But there has been a replacement.

Tuesday nights. Has become a weekly tradition. A gathering of friends. On the waters edge.

This event, hosted by Blueline Surf and Paddle in Jupiter. Called Tuesday Night Race League. Has been a fun way to get on the water. Enjoy a workout. And hang out with friends.

But the word race. As intimidating as it sounds. Is only a description. As this night feels more like a coed soccer league. With everyone welcome. Whether you have your own board or not. Or if you want to paddle a kayak, outrigger canoe, surfski or anything else.

$10 is all it costs. And that includes an ice cold draught from Guanabanas.

Why I paddle.

Camaraderie. And the outdoors. Over the years I have tried to put my finger on why I love this sport. But what it all comes down to. Is the connection with like minded people.

Whether new to the sport or seasoned paddlers. We all share that giddy feeling of doing something we love. And we love talking about it.

And with events like Tuesday Night Race League occurring all over the country. It has opened my eyes and mind to sharing this with others. Even if competition is not in the vocabulary anymore.

If you are wondering what these events are about. Or where they are. Check out the local paddle shop. Or shoot me a message. Below are a few that I know of but there are many others throughout the country.

It is another niche starting to forge a place in communities. All across the globe.

Paddle Race Tuesday’s – Orlando, FL

Thursday Night Race League – Stuart, FL

Hope to see you this Tuesday at Race League.

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